Class B Members

There are two classes of membership in GNC - Class A members are producers entitled to vote in the affairs of the cooperative and who must be members of a Class B entity.  Class B members are sponsoring commodity organizations who are not entitled to vote in the affairs of the cooperative.  These associations work for you and with you to enhance and strengthen your farming operation.  Click on your state association to see what is happening today.

Corn Producers Association of Texas

Idaho Grain Producers Association

Indiana Soybean Alliance

Iowa Corn Growers Association

Kansas Association of Wheat Growers

Kansas Soybean Association

Louisiana Soybean Association

Michigan Corn Growers Association

Mid-Atlantic Soybean Association

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association

Missouri Soybean Association

Nebraska Soybean Association

Nebraska Wheat Growers Association

North Dakota Grain Growers Association

Ohio Soybean Association

Potato Growers of Idaho

Texas Wheat Producers Association

Wisconsin Soybean Association